Adult Christian Education and Fellowship

We believe that learning never stops. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, we have an opportunity for you. 

New Book Study BEING HELD


at 10:00 a.m.

We will be looking at Brian McLaren’s book, “Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?:  Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World.” Can you be a committed Christian without having to condemn or convert people of other faiths? Is it possible to affirm other religious traditions without watering down your own? Brian McLaren proposes a new faith alternative, one built on "benevolence and solidarity rather than rivalry and hostility." This way of being Christian is strong but doesn't strong-arm anyone, going beyond mere tolerance to vigorous hospitality toward, interest in, and collaboration with the other. Blending history, narrative, and brilliant insight, McLaren shows readers step-by-step how to reclaim this strong-benevolent faith, challenging us to stop creating barriers in the name of God and learn how affirming other religions can strengthen our commitment to our own. And in doing so, he invites Christians to become more Christ-like than ever before. For more information, please speak with Dr. Trench.

Women’s Ministry and Bible Study

Women’s Ministry and Bible study is a small group study meeting and a place for you to connect-and reconnect the lines and dots between your life and your faith. It’s a place where you can begin and/or continue your spiritual journey, where you can laugh with old and new friends and grow deeper in God’s word. A place where you can know and be known.