Christian Education

at the

United Methodist Church

in East Greenwich

How do we teach our children to read the whole of the Bible through the eyes of Jesus? How do we teach them to listen for Jesus’ voice in their daily lives? How do we help them to apply the stories and teachings to the everyday challenges and celebrations that they experience? We encourage you to become a part of the ministries to the Children and Youth of our congregation as we journey together. There are “veterans” in every aspect of our ministries to encourage and mentor you! Ask us how to become involved in the Sunday School Ministry on a once a month, monthly or quarterly basis. There are also opportunities in our Children’s Music Ministries and our Methodist Youth Fellowship is an active and energetic group to be a part of! 




The mission of our nursery is to provide loving care for the youngest members of the EGUMC community.  We believe it is important for parents of young children to have the opportunity to participate in church services with the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing their child(ren) are well cared for.  Nursery care is available during the 10:00 am services for children between the ages of 3 months and 3 years.  There is a changing table in the nursery.  Nursing moms are welcome to be comfortable in the Christian Education office.  Our nursery is staffed by a paid employee who remains a consistent welcoming presence for families along with a rotating roster of church volunteers, all of whom adhere to our Safe Sanctuaries Policy.


sunday school

Children of all ages are invited to sit with their parents at the beginning of the 10:00 am Worship Service in the sanctuary.  Elementary and preschool children are welcome to join Pastor Carol up front during the Children’s Moment.  Children and youth leave the sanctuary after the Children’s Moment for Sunday school.  Classroom locations for each age group are listed in the bulletin.    Child care is available at both services.

The safety of our children is very important to us.  Please ask our Pastor of Christian Education, Pastor Carol Reale, if you have any questions about our “Safe Sanctuaries” policies.